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NCAD Grad Show Exhibition 2022

Featuring my artwork created for my degree in Textile Art & Artefact at National College of Art & Design, Dublin.
This work was longlisted in the RDS Visual Art Awards 2022.

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NCAD Grad Show Exhibition 2022: Welcome

My Graduate exhibition work consisted of a representation of routine and simple domesticity made from the landscape. Set in a site-specfic Georgian room with high ceilings and a large fireplace with a marble mantlepiece. In front of a tall window, hung my natural died and anthotype printed curtain with seaweed patterns. The curtain draped over an old wooden table which stood centred in front of the window. On the simple table were prototype bio plastic moulds of my grandparent’s vintage cutlery, using beeswax , pine tree resin and seaweed form my garden landscape. The bio cutlery table setting, represents our routine practices and appreciation for slow ways of life and ‘the little things’. In the corner of the room, nearly overlooked was a sample of crochet yarn that I wove and spun myself from corn husks in my garden. On the mantlepiece was the supposedly incidental a image on recycled paper of the curtain dying process and of bio buttons, reminders of passage of time in things left behind.

NCAD Grad Show Exhibition 2022: Text
NCAD Grad Show Exhibition 2022: Image
NCAD Grad Show Exhibition 2022: Pro Gallery


Collaborative panel discussion with other artists

Eight graduating students collaborated in holding an event during the NCAD Grad Showcase. Artists from Ceramics, TAA, Paint, Media and Sculpture worked together. I collaborated with the team and we each gave a short talk about our work.

NCAD Grad Show Exhibition 2022: Clients
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