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'Solas na gCrann - The Light of the Trees'
Exhibited in 'The Surface Beneath - Faoin Dromchla'

A response to to the site of St. Enda's Park.
Inspired by the connection that people have to the park and it's history. We all walk under the same trees, both today and yesteryear just like Robert Emmett and Patrick Pearse. The work is presented as three large pieces of naturally dyed and anthotype printed cloth hanging in the trees to look at from below. They are hand painted with ph and colour altering solutions to depict imagery of the view from beneath the trees. As the pieces hang outside the colours will fade and bleed, changing with the weather but the anthotype image will be enhanced.

Headshot Photos by Beth Duffy

Exhibition Photos by Jonathan Stokes

small cloth image b&w.jpg
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