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Earth Rising Eco Art Festival

My graduate work in Textile Art & Artefact at National College of Art & Design was showcased at Earth Rising Eco Art Festival in the Irish Museum of Modern Art. I had Two separate installations in the Garden Galleries.

IMMA 2022: Welcome

First Installation

 In front of a tall window, hung my natural died and anthotype printed curtain with seaweed patterns 'painted' with PH altering solutions that changed the pigment. The curtain draped over an old wooden table which stood centred in front of the window. On the simple table were prototype bio plastic moulds of my grandparent’s vintage cutlery, using beeswax , pine tree resin and seaweed form my garden landscape. The bio cutlery table setting, represents our routine practices and appreciation for slow ways of life and ‘the little things’. To the right of the table, nearly overlooked was a sample of crochet yarn that I wove and spun myself from corn husks in my garden. On the windowsill was the supposedly incidental bio buttons, reminders of passage of time in things left behind.

IMMA 2022: About Me

Second Installation

My second installation stood in a separate room. A meter high white plinth stood as an island placed off center in the space. My samples of experimentation with the cooking of bio-plastics were placed in the plinth and covered by a sheet of perspex. The plastic alternatives are made using different types of seaweed with different ratios and hold individual durability, texture, form, transparency and colour.

IMMA 2022: About Me
Brianna - TAA - Artwork.jpg
IMMA 2022: Image

Artist Talk

During the exhibition, I presented a talk on my motivations, my inspirations and my processes that led me to produce this body of work.
"Brianna Marshall Crowe’s work is informed by sustainability, the Quaker ethos and the celebration of our natural world, using cloth manipulation to tell stories. Using a range of ingredients with seaweed, she has created bio-plastic alternatives to unsustainable plastic buttons and cutlery."

IMMA 2022: About Me
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