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Kilcoe Studios
Skibereen Arts Festival and Ballydehob, 2022

''This is an exhibition of exploration and discovery. Many artists and crafts people are looking more and more to work with their local environment and learn from old ways of using local materials to create both beautiful and practical things.
Artists from all parts of the country have submitted work for this timely exhibition that deals with our need to look to what we have in our local environment. Approximately 20 different artists have taken part, and all have their own story to tell.
Various plant materials give us fibrous weaving materials and many artists have used these in their work. The colour from plants was not that long ago used to dye our clothes and exhibitors here have re looked at these in imaginative ways.'' Kilcoe Studios Website
Minerals from the earth have been used to glaze and create pottery, and wood from our too few but beautiful native trees gives crafts people endless creative uses.

Timpeallacht 2022: About Me

This work is site-responsive to
my home in the Wicklow mountains which is close to the sea. I have been inspired to make bio-plastic alternatives to unsustainable plastic buttons and cutlery, using a range of ingredients that are found in my garden and local landscape. Using seaweed as a main ingredient, I have experiment with the cooking of bio plastics with potato and corn starch. Through extensive research and experimentation, I have produced a collection of bioplastics ranging in colour, texture and durability. This body of work consists of samples, representing my experimentation in bioplastics and is an ongoing study to possibly replace what we use today. Ingredients used can be found in the landscape and processed, suggesting that we can coinhabit with the natural world and continue our routines through circularity.

Timpeallacht 2022: About Me
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