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A Result-Driven Strategist

Investigating the theme of 'the bag', I chose to explore the elements of a plastic bin bag. When Covid-19 brought the lockdown, my process was driven by what lies in my local landscape. During my research into the Glen of the Downs Eco Warriors, I was drawn to the exposure of the threats the landscape faces. I replicated microscopic bacteria through crochet and knit processes using black bin bags as a material. This was to signify the plastic as a parasitic creature that multiplies and in turn, suffocates the natural landscape. My final piece was a piece of video work using Adobe software such as Premier Pro, Photoshop and After Effects.

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Plastic Parasite, 2020: Welcome

Notebook Pages

Plastic Parasite, 2020: Text
Plastic Parasite, 2020: My Work


Plastic Parasite, 2020: Video
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